"Wow, what a great class! I truly loved it, and believe we would do good to have this class every year. Our team has already been improved and will be continuing to grow in the future. I hope to see you here again so. UNC Charlotte is very knowledgeable and taught us to learn more about ourselves as well as our team members."

Aaron S. Leach
FPA Manufacturing Technician
Corning, Inc.

"This course was very informative and has given me the confidence to become a better, smarter, stronger team player. I am happy I attended the "Building a High Performance Work Team" program and participated in this class."

Cole Beane
Manufacturing Technician 2
Corning, Inc.

"Informative and helpful workshop. Very well organized. Dynamic instructor who was able to keep everyone engaged the entire day. A must-attend class for all negotiators."

Jennifer Gallman
Marketing / Communications
Schaefer Systems International, Inc.

"Not only did this course provide the tools for our shift to raise our performance, it also will raise our expectations of each other thus increasing our efficiency and production"

Eric R. Presher
Manufacturing Technician
Corning, Inc.

"Very informative workshop with good engagement to apply information. Negotiation process and worksheet will help in my day to day opportunities. Energetic speaker who kept us engaged."

Markus Radtke
Supply Chain Manager Americas
Continental Tire.

"This program offered something for all levels of experience. It really helped to refocus on some solid pathways of how to negotiate more confidently."

Adam Brown
Manager of Integrator Partners
Schaefer Systems International, Inc.

"The information provided in the Fundamentals of Strategic Planning program will be very useful in being able to apply what I've learned to become a more effective leader."

Jeremy Odom
Shipping Supervisor
Family Dollar, Inc.

"Very informative class that will help me in my district. Got me thinking of things that I can do differently"

Nancy Amado
Area Operations Manager
Family Dollar

"Peter was spectacular! For a class under 2 hours the content and delivery was exciting, to the point and very helpful in sales, but most importantly for everyday life."

Gina Larosa
Account Executive
Great Charlotte Biz Magazine

"Great program! Offering remedies on how to ethically influence others through sales."

Cary Ann Bruce
Sales Account Manager
Simile Imaging

"Instructor was great and I learned a lot of new information. The Excel packet will provide a wealth of information that I'll be able to use as a reference in the future."

Angelica Sapp
Accounts Payable Data Entry
Crowder Construction, Inc.

"The Presentation Strategies program) was a mind blowing experience. It helped me to reduce my stage fright and improve my communication and presentation skills."

Rais Kasi
Associate Specialist
Synechron, Inc.

"Peter was an excellent coach and mentor. I loved that he wasn't restricted to the slides and focused more on understanding the problems that the group was facing and spent time on answering those. Also materials were excellent. Overall, I loved it!"

Amol Hirre
Sr. Manager of Quality
Synechron, Inc.

"This Intermediate Excel class was so helpful. Presentation and materials were great! Entire experience was very beneficial."

Terri Wilhelm
HR Director
Diocese of Charlotte

"The instructor Pam Adams was thorough, patient and knowledgeable. She spoke with clarity and paused to take questions and inquiry on our progress and understanding."

Olive Cadle
Director of Transportation
Diocese of Charlotte

"Very engaging class. Instructor kept audience involved. There was a good mix of instruction and interaction with the group. Alice was good at interjecting real world examples into the mix."

Terrie Hagler
Business Analyst / Applications Support
Lend Lease

"Engaging, relevant and valuable course - worth the time and investment. Instructor is well-versed in content, presenting with skill and sharing her fascinating experience. This course motivates me to advance in the BA field, furthering my skills and education."

Christopher Reeder
Application Manager / Sr. DBA
Lend Lease

"Wonderful session that went above and beyond the expectations for what was shared in the learning materials."

Meredith Ritchie
Project Manager

"Inspirational and pragmatic information that is applicable for all aspects of one's life."

Dean Thompson
Regional Gifts Officer
American Red Cross

"Peter is an exceptional presenter, charismatic, the content was very appropriate and he certainly has a total grasp. This was a very beneficial two hours for me"

Chuck Hood
Hood Hargett Insurance