Financial Assistance
Is financial assistance available for students in Continuing Education programs?

Financial Aid used for academic credit or degree-based programs cannot be applied to our Continuing Education noncredit programs. However, there are a variety of sources you can pursue to obtain other types of assistance. Check with your employer and see if they offer a Continuing Education fund or tuition reimbursement program. Please review our FAQ for information on obtaining an official or unofficial copy of your transcript to submit to your employer for reimbursement if applicable. Our courses with price points $500 or above offer a deposit option where you can pay an initial deposit and pay the remaining balance two weeks prior to the course start date (please see the individual program pages for details). Many banks will also provide personal loans for Continuing Education courses. The following is a list of some, but not all loan providers as well as additional funding programs for which you may be qualified. Please contact the specific agencies to determine your eligibility or inquire about details.

Disclaimer: The information provided below was accurate at the time of posting, but please check with the individual entities for the most current information applicable to your circumstances.

North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services (NCOEMS) Subsidy for the Management Institute for EMS Certificate Program

Tuition Assistance

The NCOEMS subsidy grant has not been awarded to UNC Charlotte for the past two cohort programs. Extended Academic Programs continues to reapply for state funding which is used to reimburse a portion of the registration fee to the first 23 North Carolina registrants each year (up to three per county). As of August 2013, the status of the grant award for the 2013 - 2014 cohort is not yet known. Updates will be posted here.

Tuition assistance of $600* is available from the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services (NCOEMS) for eligible EMS managers for the Management Institute.  Those employed in North Carolina as an EMS Director, Shift Supervisor, Training Officer, or EMS Professional are eligible for this tuition subsidy.  Participants are to complete the registration form.  We will apply directly to the NC Office of EMS for the tuition assistance after successful completion of the certificate program. Agencies will then be reimbursed $600 of the $1,330 fee. Only 24 subsidies (limited to 3 per county) are available and they are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.  Agencies are asked to call the Registration Center at 704-687-8900 if they are unsure whether they qualify for the subsidy.

*Tuition assistance is dependent on continued funding from NCOEMS.

Section 1:  Non-Loan Programs

1. Veterans Benefits
The Education Service administers a variety of benefit programs for military personnel. Please call 1-888-GI-BILL-1 (1-888-442-4551) to speak with a Veterans Benefits Counselor or visit   

Our currently approved course for the GI Bill: Paralegal Certificate Program. Medical Coding Specialist approval is still pending.
These certificate programs are VA approved by the North Carolina State Approving Agency.  Prospective applicants pursuing VA benefits must follow normal registration procedures and payment options in order to be officially registered for these programs.  Qualified applicants should notify the Registration Center ( or 704-687-8900) of their intentions at the time of registration. Application for reimbursement under VA Benefits should be made to UNC Charlotte's Veterans Student Services Office (VSSO) ( at 704-687-5488 or

To take full advantage of your Veterans Benefits, please follow these steps

  • Fill out an application at the GI Bill Website and apply for benefits. You will receive a certificate of elegibility roughly two months after applying. This certificate will give a percentage based on your service and help determine the amount of funds you will receive.
  • Contact the UNC Charlotte Veteran Student Services Office, bring a copy of your certificate of elegibility and let them know the Continuing Education program you selected. Their office will contact the program director to request the program schedule, hours, tuition, and book fees.

    Veteran Student Services Office
    346 Cone Student Center
    (704) 687-5488
  • Contact our office with an award letter from the UNC Charlotte Veteran Student Services Office stating you have been approved for funding.

2.  Military Certification  
Most active duty United States military members are eligible to receive tuition assistance for at least one certification course during their career. Note: Approval of U.S. military tuition assistance is contingent on approval from your local command and/or your education counselor. Payments for larger clock hour courses exceeding 350 or more usually have to be funded quarterly by your education office. Please contact your local command or education counselor to inquire about details and eligibility.

3.  WIA Adults and Dislocated Workers Program
The Adults and Dislocated Workers Program, under Title I of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, is designed to provide quality employment and training services to assist eligible individuals in finding and qualifying for meaningful employment, and to help employers find the skilled workers they need to compete and succeed in business. Services are provided through JobLink Centers. Training services are available to those who have been unable to find employment through intensive services. Customers are linked to job opportunities in their communities, including both occupational training and training in basic skills. Participants use an "individual training account" to select an appropriate training program from a qualified training provider.

An orientation is required to find out if you qualify. Orientation session seats are limited and fill quickly. Please visit to sign up for the next available session. In the Charlotte area, please visit to contact the center nearest you. 

Learn more about the WIA Adults and Dislocated Workers Program.

4.  AmeriCorps
Educational awards for AmeriCorps volunteers can be used for educational expenses for non-degree courses, such as Continuing Education courses offered by qualified schools.  Speak with your National Service Trust Representative for application details or visit the AmeriCorps website:

5. Military Spouse Career Advancement Account (MyCAA)

On October 25, 2010, the Department of Defense will implement new financial assistance guidelines for the MyCAA program. The new eligibility criteria and revised funding limits are listed below. Please see for full details.

  • Spouse of an active duty Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine service member, or activated Reserve member in pay grades E1-E5, W1-W2, or O1-O2.
  • MyCAA accounts will be limited to the new $4,000 maximum benefit with a $2000 fiscal year cap. Waivers to the fiscal year cap will be available for spouses pursuing licensure or certification with a cost that exceeds the $2,000 fiscal year cap up to the total maximum assistance of $4,000.
  • Spouses must finish their program of study within three years from the start date of the first course.
  • Funding is limited to only Associate's degrees, certifications and licensure programs.

For additional information regarding MyCAA at UNC Charlotte, visit UNC Charlotte is listed as an approved school with MyCAA. Please submit your request for funding by going to Upon receipt of your Financial Assistance approval document, you may use it to register for the courses/programs you have chosen. The Extended Academic Programs Registration Center will be happy to answer any questions at 704-687-8900 or

6. New Scholarship Program for Entrepreneurs to Pursue Continuing Education and Training

The National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) is launching a new scholarship program to assist entrepreneurs in obtaining the knowledge they need to succeed.

Through the NASE's new Succeed Scholarship™ program, association members will be able to apply for scholarships of up to $4,000 to pursue continuing education or training. Scholarships can be used toward university or college courses, training courses for business licensing and certification, or participation in conferences and seminars that will encourage and support business survival and growth.

The new program will be a tool for both prospective entrepreneurs and existing business owners.

To learn more, please visit the NASE website. Additional information is available via this press release

7. The Mary Cone Barrie Scholarship
The Mary Cone Barrie Scholarship is available to any currently enrolled continuing education student residing in Canada or the United States who has demonstrated a propensity for lifelong learning. It is a yearly program that was established to recognize the efforts of learners who are improving their lives through continuing education, exhibit an enthusiasm and dedication to learning, and require financial assistance.

Section 2: Lenders
There are many banks and other financial institutions that offer Continuing Education loans to individuals.  UNC Charlotte’s Office of Continuing Education is happy to complete the appropriate paperwork that might be involved in a participant’s pursuit of a loan from a lender he or she has identified.  Typically, such paperwork will require UNC Charlotte to provide details about the program and to certify that a particular participant is eligible to enroll.  In order for us to certify your eligibility, you will need to register for the program and submit the required payment with your registration.

UNC Charlotte is prepared to receive disbursement(s) directly from a lender for the full registration fee, if that is the arrangement a lender makes with a participant; when this occurs, UNC Charlotte will refund to the participant any payments the participant made directly to UNC Charlotte.

The following list of lenders is not a comprehensive list, but simply a starting-point resource for you as you explore financial assistance options.  Please note that UNC Charlotte’s Office of Continuing Education does not endorse any of the following providers.  Please contact the specific institutions to determine your eligibility or to request further details.

1.  Sallie Mae's Smart Option Student Loan
The Smart Option Student Loan is a private student loan which provides a low-interest option for eligible students to finance their education, including any type of Continuing Education or Career Training. The loan may be used to cover the total cost of education as well as certain other related expenses. Loans are available from $1,000 and up. Additional information may be obtained by calling SLM Financial Higher Education Customer Service at 1-800-2SALLIE (1-800-272-5543) or by visiting the SLM website and referencing our school branch code 00297598.

2. Wells Fargo

The Connection Loan, which does not require school certification, is a private student loan which provides a low-interest option for eligible students to finance their education, specifically for certificate programs through Continuing Education or Career Training. The loan may be used to cover the total cost of education as well as certain other related expenses.

The Collegiate Loan, which does require school certification, is also a private student loan option for eligible student to finance their education, specifically for certificate programs through Continuing Education or Career Training. The loan may be used to cover the total cost of education as well as certain other related expenses.

Additional information may be obtained by calling Wells Fargo Student Loan Customer Service at 1-800-378-5526 or by visiting the Wells Fargo Student Loans Website and referencing our school branch code 00297598 listed as University of North Carolina Charlotte - Extended A (Charlotte).