10 Courses Required


The impact a manager has on employees and productivity should never be underestimated. The Management Essentials Certificate program has been specially designed to strengthen and develop management skills necessary for successful productivity and performance –both for you and those you manage. Course topics will revolve around the following:

Key Topics

  • Emotional Intelligence (“EQ”)
  • Conflict management
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Time and Workload Management
  • Human Resource skills
  • Employee engagement
Program Structure 

Take the courses in the order you wish

Start the program at any time

Courses will be offered at least once per calendar year

Electronic Materials

Course Materials

All course materials will be provided electronically. Registered students will receive access instructions in their enrollment reminder emails prior to class.



Attendance Requirements


Certificate Requirements

  • The certificate is comprised of 10 full-day courses. Completion of all courses is required in order to earn the certificate.
  • Take the courses at your own pace (the certificate may be completed as quickly as within 1 year or choose to take up to 2 years for completion). All courses are offered at least once per calendar year.
  • Each course can be taken as a stand-alone course if you do not wish to earn the full certificate

Earning Multiple Certificates

NEW! Three of the courses (course number prefix HRT) in the Management Essentials certificate are also applicable towards earning our Human Resource Certificate.