Program Description/Overview

Free Online Information Session on Lean Six Sigma Certifications

The White Belt program provides a brief overview of three of the most-widely used total quality management methodologies in industry today. The first half of the program covers an introduction to the Six Sigma methodology used to improve existing processes or design new processes. The second half of the program is a brief introduction to the methodology called Lean, which provides participants with the general knowledge of the terms used by practitioners in industry today.

Why Should I Choose this Program?

  • Six Sigma methodology is increasingly important across a wide range of industries as companies look for ways to improve processes, create efficiencies, and ensure consistent quality across their operation to serve clients and customers.
  • Earning your Lean Six Sigma White Belt demonstrates your proficiency in six sigma terminology and provides value for your company and your professional development career growth.

Certificate Requirements

If you successfully complete the Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification course, you will receive an electronic certificate which may be saved and/or printed to document your attainment of the Lean Six Sigma White Belt.

To earn the certification, a multiple-choice exam will be administered at the conclusion of the course. Participants are expected to earn a 70% to pass the exam.