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The Confucius Institute at UNC Charlotte is proud to offer non-credit community-based Chinese language and culture courses to those who are interested in learning about China and Chinese society. All courses are taught by experienced teachers and/or native speakers of Chinese. Instructional materials and topics have been reviewed by the Confucius Institute's Faculty Advisory Council, composed of UNC Charlotte faculty.


Designed for true beginners with no prior knowledge of Chinese language! Curriculum includes 30-minute weekly individual tutoring sessions.

This course starts with pinyin (the Chinese pronunciation system) and offers an integrated introduction to reading (character recognition), listening, and speaking in Chinese.. Students will practice accurate pronunciation and tones, complete with real communicative tasks. By the end of the session, students will be able to initiate and respond to greetings, exchange basic personal information, talk about one’s family, describe one’s appearance, and conduct simple conversations about some daily life topics.

Students will gain oral communicative competence in both interpretational and interpersonal domains. Students are not required to show written presentational skills, although they are highly encouraged to demonstrate their oral presentational skills in the topics covered in the course. There is no written homework, however, the instructor may request additional time outside of class to review the class content or provide some oral assignments.

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Sep 10, 2019 to Oct 29, 2019
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Format: 8 Week Live Online Program

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  • Questions related to the overall course description and/or curriculum map can be addressed to Dr. Gorke.
  • Questions related to specific day to day instruction should be directed to Ms. Cao or Ms. Yang.

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All course materials will be provided electronically.

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Students who complete the Introductory Chinese Course Series and meet all of the requirements will be prepared to pass the HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, Chinese Proficiency Exam) level 1 with ease.

Contact the Confucius Institute for more information about registration and preparation for the HSK.

Partnership Information
The Confucius Institute at UNC Charlotte is an academic and cultural collaborative between UNC Charlotte and Shanxi University in China with support from the Confucius Institute Headquarter.
Aspiring to become a leading organization to promote bilateral understanding and to build bridges between Charlotte and China, the Confucius Institute is committed to:
  • Building connections with language and culture learning
  • Fostering cooperation with creative academic and outreach programs
  • Strengthening community with dialogues and understanding
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