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Air quality continues to be a prominent concern in the urban environment. We will discuss major air pollutants affecting cities, and low-cost technologies used to measure and monitor air pollution levels. We will briefly consider indoor air pollution, and then study some of the data being collected around Mecklenburg right now. We will take some field measurements around the UNC Charlotte Center City campus area, and possibly study some comparisons with a nearby field station that Mecklenburg County is deploying in the First Ward Park area. Click here to read a recent paper instructor Brian Magi authored regarding low-cost air.

Key Topics:

  • Sources of major air pollutants
  • Outdoor air pollution in the US
  • Outdoor air pollution in Charlotte
  • Indoor air pollution
  • Low-cost technologies used to measure and monitor air pollutants
  • Strategies for reducing air pollution


  • What is air pollution?
  • How the EPA regulates air quality relative to the Clean Air Act
  • How different types of air pollutants are measured 
  • Low-cost ways to monitor indoor and outdoor air pollution
  • Strategies to minimize air pollution exposure 

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Nov 15, 2019
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