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Ms. Emily Mason is a unique fixture at Camps on Campus having started as a camper herself before transitioning to a CIT, then counselor, and now as a college graduate with a degree in vocal performance she returns as a lead instructor! This camp is for all of our Cool School music lovers!

The camp will include such lessons and activities as basic rhythm games and pitches, learning to sing and use solfege (do, re, mi), learning about each different musical instrument, making musical instruments with recycled materials, learning about music from different countries, learning about the science of music (sound waves traveling into the ear drum), a morning learning about real-life musicians like Beethoven and Taylor Swift and a UNCC music faculty member coming in to be a guest speaker and talk about what they do every day. We will also learn a new group song every day!

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Jul 19, 2021 to Jul 23, 2021
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