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The Original University-Sponsored Certificate Program for EMS Administrators

Designed for EMS Supervisors, Training Officers, Administrators, Senior Paramedics, and future leaders within emergency medical services.

The Management Institute is a co-hort based professional development certificate program designed for Supervisors, Training Officers, Administrators, Senior Paramedics, and future leaders within emergency medical services. Professionals in managerial and supervisory roles are expected to be team leaders and must possess the ability to lead their staff in the achievement of their department or unit goals. In today’s ever-changing work environment--workforce diversity, downsizing, employee retention, and technological advances--the demands placed upon those in a management role are many and increasingly more complex.

The Institute includes a vast range of professional development classes designed to enable you to develop and hone your skills to become more effective and competent in the role you play within your organization. Classes are designed so that what you learn can be directly transferred from the classroom to your work place. A range of instructional techniques such as a team-building adventure, role-playing, small group work and dialogue among participants will be implemented to enhance the classroom experience.


"The instructors were stellar. The entire curriculum was relevant and useful to me as an administrator. I would recommend this program to anyone who is in or aspires to be in a leadership role.

Michael Price, Director, Emergency Medical Education, Central Piedmont Community College

"This is truly an amazing and beneficial program. Each instructor brought a valuable part of information that I can take back to my department. This class has made me a better leader. If someone is looking to improve their leadership skills this is a must-have course.

Ben Lawson, Assistant Chief of Training to Clinical, Johnston County EMS

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Certificate Requirements

To receive your record of attendance, full participation is expected. Participants must be present at the beginning of each course and be in attendance through the duration of each course in order to receive the record of attendance. Credit hours will only be adjusted under extenuating circumstances.


1 Course(s)

1 Course(s)


Course Materials

All course materials will be provided electronically. Registered students will receive access instructions in their enrollment reminder emails prior to class.

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