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Business Process Management is reshaping the ways successful organizations are developing competitive strategies and achieving operational excellence.  Gain the skills you need to succeed in this new management era.

The combination of technical skills, people skills, political acumen, and strategic creativity needed to meet this challenge is not common.  For this reason, UNC Charlotte has developed the Business Process Management Certificate Program, a comprehensive set of courses that will help you and your company succeed.

Key Topics

  • Help you develop technical skills
  • Grow people skills
  • Develop political acumen
  • Increase strategic creativity needed to meet your organizational goals

Business Process Management

The skills delivered in these courses can be applied in manufacturing, service, health care, and public sector organizations.


"The UNC Charlotte Business Process Management Certificate Program offers a multifaceted, in-depth curriculum that is taught by business professionals who have had hands-on experience with the material they teach. The instructors provide interactive lesson plans, fun learning games, anecdotal, real-world examples, and provide practical tools that the students can actually use in their line of work. I really enjoyed my courses and appreciate all of the resources that I have received from UNC Charlotte Extended Academic Programs."

"Charlie Lamprecht

"The instructors are very knowledgeable, dynamic, and willing to go the extra mile.  The material and information is very well presented, with real world examples.  One of the advantages of the program in my view is that the instructors have one foot in academia and the other foot in the real world, they are practitioners of what they teach.  That makes all the difference in the world."

Jorge A. Rodriguez

"The Business Process Management certificate program at UNC Charlotte proved to be very beneficial in jump-starting my knowledge as I recently moved to a new position in my company.  The structure, presentations and content were easily applied as soon as I was presented an opportunity to use the learned tools.  This is an investment in my career which has already paid dividends.

Jim Small

Additional Details

Attendance Requirements

To receive your record of attendance, full participation is expected.  Participants must be present at the beginning of each course and be in attendance through the duration of each course in order to receive the record of attendance. Credit hours will only be adjusted under extenuating circumstances.

Certificate Requirements

All courses in the certificate program are scheduled so you can complete the certificate within less than 6 months or less than 1 year.

Please review the certificate course requirements first to plan your curriculum for completion of the certificate. Then view the scheduled section dates for these courses in order to register for the section of the course that best fits your schedule.

Looking for a specific course?

All 5 courses are required in order to earn the certificate. If you began your work towards completing the certificate previously and do not see one of your courses listed on this page, please contact our Registration Center at 704-687-8900 for a review of your specific circumstances.

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5 Course(s)

5 Course(s)

Course Materials

All course materials will be provided electronically.

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Sam Abt-Bumgarner
Sam Abt-Bumgarner
Program Director
Phone:  704-687-8605
E-Mail: sabtbum@uncc.edu
Sam Abt-Bumgarner
Sam Abt-Bumgarner
Program Director
Phone:  704-687-8605
E-Mail: sabtbum@uncc.edu