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Chinese Language Series


UNC Charlotte is proud to offer a non-credit community-based Chinese language and culture course to those who are interested in learning about China and Chinese society. The Introductory Chinese Certificate is a two-course sequence designed for adults interested in oral communication in Chinese for personal or professional purposes. Students completing this certificate will be prepared to reach the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages).

Novice High Level proficiency on listening and speaking. Novice high level of Chinese speakers can understand simple questions, statements, and high-frequency commands. They can communicate on highly predictable everyday topics with oral output in the form of short and discrete sentences. Students successfully completing this certificate will also gain insights on the basic grammatical structure of Chinese language, and be confident to continue studying Chinese language either on their own or with other Chinese language offerings.

Chinese I

  • Greetings and self-introduction
  • Appearance descriptions
  • Family unit and hometown
  • Cities in China

Chinese II

  • Schedules and time
  • Shopping and currency
  • Sports and other hobbies
  • Dining and etiquette

Successful students will have a proficiency level of understanding Chinese. They can complete Chinese 1 and Chinese 2 sequentially or by direct entry to Chinese 2 through successful completion of an oral placement test.

Language targets for both courses are provided in the syllabi and students will be able to check their progress with the weekly language objective goals. Students will receive an evaluation on their oral Chinese performance at the end of Chinese 1. Students completing Chinese 2 are encouraged to take part in a mock Oral Proficiency Interview with the instructors.

Individual Tutoring - 30-minute weekly individual tutoring sessions via video conferencing tools (i.e. FaceTime, Google Hangout, Skype). Students will receive tailored training on their pronunciation and dialogue ability.

Subsidized group trip to China - The subsidy includes in-China domestic travel between the three cities, lodging and admission tickets. It does not include travel to and from China. Students must apply to be eligible.

Experienced native speakers - All courses are taught by experienced teachers and/or native speakers of Chinese.

Expert-curated curriculum - Instructional materials and topics have been reviewed by the Faculty Advisory Council, composed of UNC Charlotte faculty. Exemplary students will be invited to participate in Chinese III

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