Course Next Offered Campus Delivery Method Status
PDS398 ADA in the Built Environment PDS398 Fall 2020 UNC Charlotte Center City Campus Classroom Available
PDS416 Applications in 3D Printing PDS416 Not Currently Available
PDS349 Basic Cost Accounting: Budget and Finance for Engineers PDS349 Spring 2020 Online Available
PDS342 Basic Project Management for Engineers PDS342 Spring 2020 Online Available
PDS348 Basics of Quality Management for Engineers PDS348 Spring 2020 Online Available
Image not available Chemical Engineering Concepts, Perspectives, and Tools for Non-Chemical Engineers NEW PDS420 Fall 2020 UNC Charlotte Center City Campus Classroom Available
PPI113 Chemical PE Prep Course PPI113 Not Currently Available
PPI107 Civil PE Prep Courses (Breadth + Depth) PPI107 Not Currently Available
DTI999 Design Thinking Certificate Information Session DTI999 Summer 2020 UNC Charlotte Center City Campus Classroom Available
DTI998 Design Thinking Certificate Program Online Information Session DTI998 Programs FY21 Online Information Session Available
PDS403 Design Thinking for Engineers PDS403 Not Currently Available
PDS402 Developing Engineer Creativity PDS402 Not Currently Available
PPI111 Electrical PE Electrical & Electronics Prep Course PPI111 Not Currently Available
PPI110 Electrical PE Power Prep Course PPI110 Not Currently Available
PPI112 Environmental PE Prep Course PPI112 Not Currently Available
PPI105 FE Chemical Prep Course PPI105 Not Currently Available
PPI102 FE Civil Prep Course PPI102 Not Currently Available
PPI106 FE Electrical and Computer Prep Course PPI106 Not Currently Available
PPI103 FE Mechanical Prep Course PPI103 Not Currently Available
PPI104 FE Other Disciplines Prep Course PPI104 Not Currently Available
PDS382 How to Hire and Keep Engineers Without Getting Sued PDS382 Not Currently Available
PDS401 Introduction to Engineering Ethics PDS401 Spring 2020 Online Available
SIG108 Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification SIG108 Fall 2020 Online Available
SIG105 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification SIG105 Spring 2020 Online Available
SIG104 Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt Certification SIG104 Spring 2020 Online Available
SIG101 Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification SIG101 Spring 2020 Online Available
SIG103 Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification SIG103 Spring 2020 Online Available
PDS405 Low-Cost Air Quality Measurements PDS405 Not Currently Available
PDS409 Managing for Construction Site Stormwater Compliance: Culture of Compliance PDS409 Not Currently Available
PPI109 Mechanical PE Prep Courses PPI109 Not Currently Available
PDS414 Nuclear Power and Operations Overview PDS414 Not Currently Available
PDS319 Project Management for Engineers PDS319 Not Currently Available
PDS390 Project Scheduling for Engineers PDS390 Spring 2020 Online Available
PDS404 Shaping Charlotte's Future: Development, Growth, and Challenges PDS404 Not Currently Available
PDS410 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Management PDS410 Not Currently Available
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