Course Next Offered Campus Delivery Method Status
PDS349 Basic Cost Accounting: Budget and Finance for Engineers PDS349 Summer 2020 Online Available
PDS342 Basic Project Management for Engineers PDS342 Summer 2020 Online Available
PDS348 Basics of Quality Management for Engineers PDS348 Summer 2020 Online Available
SIG106 Coaching Portion -- Black Belt Certification SIG106 Programs FY21 Online Available
SIG102 Coaching Portion -- Green Belt Certification SIG102 Fall 2020 Online Available
SIG107 Coaching Portion -- Master Black Belt Certification SIG107 Programs FY21 Online Available
FRA102 Fraud Prevention and Detection FRA102 Spring 2021 Online Available
FRA103 Introduction to Computer Forensics FRA103 Spring 2021 Online Available
SIG108 Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification SIG108 Fall 2020 Online Available
SIG105 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification SIG105 Fall 2020 Online Available
Image not available Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification NEW SIG109 Fall 2020 Online Available
SIG104 Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt Certification SIG104 Summer 2020 Online Available
SIG101 Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification SIG101 Summer 2020 Online Available
SIG103 Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification SIG103 Summer 2020 Online Available
MCO101 Medical Coding Specialist Certificate (Online) MCO101 Fall 2020 Online Available
FRA101 Principles of Forensic Accounting FRA101 Spring 2021 Online Information Session , Online Available
Image not available Procurement Supply Management Fundamentals Evenings (Online) PSO101 Summer 2020 Online Available
PDS390 Project Scheduling for Engineers PDS390 Summer 2020 Online Available
Image not available Workflow Test ZZZ110 Spring 2020 Online Available
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