Course Overview

“Firms die because they over-invest in the present at the expense of the future.”

How do you lead in a world characterized by constant change? How do you make your organization an architect of transformation and growth? How do you create a future for your organization that is unique, and, in the process, become a transformative leader? How do you build your personal brand as a leader?

In this course, Dr. Erevelles will describe the core values and capacities that will define business leadership in the future. He will highlight the challenges and opportunities facing leaders in the future, and the rules that will dictate how new value will be created in the foreseeable future. He will describe how you can transform your organization’s “DNA” from one based on replication, incrementalism and optimization to one based on imagination, experimentation and constant innovation.

The ideologies for planning your future in an “age of pervasive creativity” will be introduced. Leading linear and non-linear innovation, the future of human capital, and the deconstruction of leadership orthodoxies are some of the other topics that will be covered. Dr. Erevelles will challenge you to generate fresh perspectives, breakthrough ideas and new leadership paradigms to create a future vision for your business. If you are part of a strategy, management, marketing or human resource team, come prepared to be taken to new levels of excellence.

Key Topics:

  • The core values of leadership for the future
  • The deconstruction of leadership orthodoxies
  • Management Innovation
  • Business model innovation
  • The future of human capital: innovation vs. efficiency
  • Return on imagination
  • Managing talent in the future
  • Incremental vs. game-changing value creation
  • Moving competencies
  • The concept of infinite margins
  • Personal brand management
  • Planning, renewal and constant reinvention frameworks
  • Strategic forgetting & the commoditization of knowledge
  • Leading ideation

· Leadership and innovation

· Leadership in an age of pervasive creativity

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