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Your organization is a collection of processes. These processes are the natural business activities you perform that produce value, serve customers and generate income. Managing these processes is the key to the success of your organization.

Unfortunately, most organizations -- probably yours -- are not set up to manage processes. Instead, they manage tasks. Think about it. Isn't your company organized around functions – manufacturing department, radiology department, the sales department, the customer service department?

Process mapping is a simple yet powerful method of looking beyond functional activities and rediscovering your core processes. Process maps enable you to peel away the complexity of your organizational structure (and internal politics) and focus on the processes that are truly the heart of your business.

Properly used, process maps can change your entire approach to business process management...and greatly reduce the cost of your operations by eliminating as much as 50% of the steps in most processes as well as the root causes of systemic quality problems.

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Additional Information

  • Process owner or manager
  • Process, workflow or business analyst
  • Functional or project manager
  • Process improvement team leader or member
  • Actively involved in your organization's process improvement, lean or Six Sigma efforts
  • Identify and understand your organization's true core processes
  • Recognize and remove activities that do not add value
  • Eliminate system flaws that result in poor quality
  • Document processes for knowledge management or BPM initiatives
  • View customer/supplier relationships and their impact on your system
  • Engage business leaders, users and customers in process change efforts
  • Dramatically improve your efficiency and customer satisfaction

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May 07, 2020 to May 08, 2020
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Accountants. This program is approved for 15 CPE credits. Program Level: Basic. Requisite Knowledge: None. Advanced Preparation: None. NASBA Subject Area: Business Management & Organization. Teaching Method: Group-Live.

This course aligns with the following skill(s) area within the PMI Talent Triangle as required by the PMI Organization: Technical Project Management

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Oct 22, 2020 to Oct 23, 2020
Schedule and Location
Contact Hours
Delivery Options
Course Fees
Registration Fee non-credit $1,295.00 or $500.00 deposit

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