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You wake each day to the precious gift of time. Your effectiveness, contributions, and sense of purpose are all affected by your ability to be in sync with the clock. An awareness around time can radically change the quality of your life, your career, and your future. This Time Management course teaches a holistic approach to productivity. Using self-assessment work, you will look at how you spend your time and energy. This discovery process provides you with new habits that help you get more of what is important done! This course provides insights to embrace a growth mindset necessary to shift your capacity to do more with the time you have.  Create tangible strategies, systems, and smarts to structure a life and a work environment that produces the results you really want. 

Key Topics:

  • Time Perspectives that Help you Approach Your Work with Clarity
  • Putting Margin in Your Schedule
  • The Time Matrix: Identify the Activities that Serve You Best
  • Prioritization of Your Goals
  • Anticrastination
  • Visioning to Executing the Tactics that Make it a Reality


  • A Personal Energy Audit to Energize Your Future
  • Learn how to Put Margin in Your Schedule
  • Create a Mission Statement for Work and Life
  • Create Better Outcomes with a Strategic Planner: A Tool of Overcoming Obstacles to Your Goals
  • Weekly Planner: A Tool for Prioritizing Your Week and Organizing Your World
  • A Master Plan for Business Strategy

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Sep 30, 2021 to Oct 01, 2021
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