Course Overview

This course will give a high-level view of steam systems used in campus, as well as manufacturing environments. Working our way from the boiler through points of use and returning condensate back to the boiler, best practices and safety will be emphasized. A portion of the class will utilize the Mobile Steam Lab to demonstrate steam and condensate flows, along with various components of the system.

Key Topics:

  • Fundamentals of Steam
  • Basic Boiler Room Equipment
  • Steam Distribution System
  • Steam Utilization -- Point of Use
  • Removing and Returning Condensate to the Boiler
  • Live Demonstration of Steam Traps and Heat Exchangers


  • Understanding the basics of how steam is created 
  • Major components of the steam system and their function
  • Best practices of steam system design
  • Common maintenance practices
  • Common safety practices
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Advisory Board

Course curriculum is developed in consultation with our Professional Development Advisory Board of subject matter experts, faculty, and industry practitioners.

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