Course Overview

This course will help students build the knowledge necessary to support sustainable and inclusive communities in their professional work . Historic and current data, case studies, and narrative examples from the Charlotte metro area and other U.S. cities will be shared to highlight the importance of coordinating land use and transportation planning to ensure the long-term environmental, economic, and social sustainability of our communities.

Key Topics:

  • History of land use and transportation planning
  • Patterns of population growth, transportation investment, and land development (with a focus on the Charlotte metro area)
  • Transportation Is Freedom: Where a person can go determines the size of their world
  • Linking land use and transportation planning to improve quality of life
  • Looking ahead: A closer look at case studies of cities responding to social distancing needs through land use and transportation interventions


  • Knowledge of the 10 principles of smart growth
  • Awareness of the central role that equity plays in planning
  • Understand how basic human needs are currently addressed in urban communities
  • Examples of proven best practices for creating vibrant walkable places
  • Familiarity with current land use and transportation planning processes underway in the Charlotte metro area
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