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Process Mapping is the essential foundation for every approach to quality improvement (Six Sigma, Lean, reengineering) and workflow automation (ERP, BPMS, CRM). However, business processes do not exist in a vacuum. Before mapping and improving how work gets done, it is essential to understand the business system in which a process operates, lest we create a more efficient system for garbage-in, garbage-out.

This practical, how-to-do-it program delivers a one-two punch: Systems thinking techniques to clarify the “big picture” and a toolbox of mapping techniques that will enable you to streamline and redesign performance. It will arm you with the knowledge you need to analyze the way your organization really operates, to identify opportunities for eliminate waste and inefficiency, and to identify upstream metrics that will help your organization manage quality, customer service, productivity and financial performance.

Key Topics and Takeaways:

  • Identify and understand your organization's true core processes
  • Recognize and remove activities that do not add value
  • Eliminate systemic flaws that result in poor quality
  • Document processes for knowledge management or BPM initiatives
  • Identify critical “pulse points” or lead measurements
  • View customer/supplier relationships and their impact on your system
  • Engage business leaders, users and customers in process change efforts

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