Course Overview

We have always known that accounting is a data-driven profession, but now that the transformation of business is largely driven by how well a company can capture and gain insight from the data that they create and collect, how does this impact accounting professionals?

Key Topics:

  • Key themes that make big data different from the data we are used to working with
  • Key problems that big data and data analysis tools are primed to address
  • Core tools and concepts necessary to harness the power of big data
  • An introduction to data visualization
  • An introduction to data wrangling
  • An introduction to robotic process automation


  • An understanding of how big data is both the same thing we know and something new at the same time
  • An understanding of how familiar technologies are both useful and fall short of the challenges created by big data
  • An understanding of the potential created by data visualization tools and how they are more powerful than traditional charting applications
  • An understanding of the data wrangling process and how new tools significantly improve on your potential to create data that is ready to support decision making
  • An understanding of the current state of robotic process automation software and future developments that may support these tools becoming common
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