Course Overview

Now that we have access to large amounts of data, how do we use it to create business value? The first step in the data analytics process is wrangling the data into a condition and format that you are able to use it for input into visualization, Pivot Table, and other kinds of analytics tools. Even though this step seems preliminary in most projects, it is actually time most time consuming and critical. Data wrangling tools like Alteryx allow accountants and other “citizen” data scientists to extract, transform and load the data they need without relying on central IT staff or other IT experts.

Key Topics:

  • What are the typical steps in a data wrangling project?
  • What are the tools that are commonly used for data wrangling?
  • What are the most common data wrangling tasks and how can they be completed in an efficient and effective manner?
  • What is Alteryx and how does it work?
  • What are the most popular tools of Alteryx and how do you configure them to make your workflow accomplish the goal you have set?
  • What are some of the advanced capabilities of Alteryx and where can you learn more?


  • How to connect and extract data from a large variety of sources both inside and outside of your company
  • How to examine the data you have extracted and determine what transformation need to occur to allow it to be useful
  • How to sort and filter data to make it more useful
  • How to combine data from different sources to create both larger and more useful data sets
  • How to write formulas to transform and summarize your data
  • Once your data has been extracted and transformed, how can you save and store your data for use in the next step in your analytics process?
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