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We all know that most business people find rows and columns of numbers hard to utilize for business decision-making and that charts and graphs have been helpful to assist in this process. Advances in both data and in the tools available for data are now allowing a whole new era of visualizing data to assist business leaders. The days when an Excel pie chart was cutting edge have passed and new tools exist to create images and dashboards that can lead to sustainable value for a business. We will use Tableau, the most popular of the new visualization tools, to gain insight into this trend.

Key Topics:

  • What is data visualization and how is it different from familiar charting software?
  • What are the most commonly used visualization tools and how are they similar and different?
  • How can you create a visualization using Tableau including multiple variables and chart types?
  • How can you make your visualization not only attractive, but also interactive?
  • What is a dashboard and how do you create one?
  • What are the next steps you can pursue to become more familiar and proficient with visualization tools?


  • You will be able to bring data into Tableau
  • You will understand the different data types and how they can be used to create visualizations
  • You will learn about new types of charts and graphs supported by visualization software and how they can enhance insight and decision-making
  • You will know how to add data into your visualization and how to make it interactive
  • You will learn how to combine visualizations to make a dashboard
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Dec 01, 2021
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Accountants. This program is approved for 4 CPE credits. Program Level: Basic. Requisite Knowledge: None. Advanced Preparation: None. NASBA Subject Area: Specialized Knowledge. Teaching Method: Group-Live.
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