Course Overview

When designing concrete structures, proportioning concrete mixtures, and constructing projects, compressive strength is the property that is most often evaluated; however, if the concrete mixture cannot be placed in the environment, problems occur. This course focuses on evaluating overlooked concrete properties that often have a significant impact on the success of concrete projects. The instructor for this course has been involved with disputes and litigation relating to critical items such as constructability, workability, durability, shrinkage, and other properties.

Key Topics:

  • Concrete specifications -- How to use ACI 301, Specifications for Concrete
  • Review of practical concrete technology -- what to look for in concrete mixture submittals
  • Designing and constructing durable concrete projects -- items to consider in designing, specifying, and constructing concrete specifically those that will be placed in aggressive environments
  • Specifying and proportioning concrete mixtures for workability, including self-consolidating concrete
  • Massive concrete structures


  • How to develop practical concrete specifications to avoid problems during construction
  • Reasons why high compressive mixtures for workability may be detrimental to the project
  • How to proportion concrete mixtures for workability at the time of placing concrete
  • Adjusting concrete mixtures for changes in environmental conditions
  • How to design and construct mass concrete elements
  • How to evaluate self-consolidating concrete
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