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Many times, either during or upon completion of the concrete structures, a member of the Project Team may have concerns relating to the structure. These concerns may be the result of actual or perceived construction defects by an Owner, Architect, Engineer, or another Construction Team Member who may not like specific elements of the structure or the entire structure. These concerns often develop as the result of repairs that may be structural or cosmetic. This course discusses means and methods that can be used to evaluate existing concrete structures to determine if the structure is built in accordance with Plans and Specifications. Topics include causes and solutions regarding cracking, surface defects, honeycombing, low compressive strength, tolerances, and corrosion. Part of the class time will be spent discussing actual examples.

Key Topics:

  • Specification review -- is the structure constructed in accordance with the plans and specifications?
  • Non-destructive testing methods
  • Evaluating low compressive strengths
  • Causes of surface defects for formed and unformed surfaces 
  • Evaluating durability
  • Construction tolerances


  • How to review a petrographic analysis 
  • Identifying specification ambiguities 
  • Understanding non-destructive test methods
  • How to evaluate concrete test reports relating to compressive strength
  • Consequences of inadequate construction tolerances
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