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Vibrant Communications is for professionals who know they can do more but feel limited by a lack of communication, abundance of conflict, and/or a need for improved interpersonal skills. Participants will be inspired to do more with the untapped potential they have inside to influence others through effective communication skills. Vibrant Communications identifies the obstacles that hold you back, and it gives you the strategies, systems, and smarts to overcome those obstacles. This course taps into what people unconsciously know at some level, both about themselves and others, and provides new layers of understanding about who they are and what makes them tick. In particular, what makes them work effectively. The concepts and tools can be learned quickly, applied immediately, and can become part of any leader's toolbox within minutes. It is infectious and healing in its applications. Participants learn to quickly assess what motivates people to engage, listen, and make a commitment. Participants will learn to assess differences and bolster productivity, engage individuals, and establish relationship.

Key Topics:

  • Explore the Basics of Communication
  • Identify Your Communication Style
  • Formulate a Plan for Communicating Effectively
  • Define, Examine, and Implement Active Listening Skills
  • Classify, Produce, and Utilize Powerful Questions


  • Construct a Three-Point Strategy for Creating Accountability
  • Lean to Formulate and Deliver Feedback
  • Adopt Three "Five-Minute Tools" that Help You Communicate Your Strategic Viewpoint
  • The Vibrant Elements System for Identifying Other Communication Styles
  • 12 Strategies, 1 System, and 7 Smarts for Delivering Presentations

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Nov 22, 2019
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Accountants. This program is approved for 8 CPE credits. Program Level: Basic. Requisite Knowledge: None. Advanced Preparation: None. NASBA Subject Area: Communications. Teaching Method: Group-Live.

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