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After months of dedicated work, you and your team have designed a new business process that will leverage emerging technology and superior business acumen to dramatically improve all measures of performance. Now comes the hard part…implementing it.

The last decade has seen organizations in all sectors benefit from a renewed surge in productivity. These gains are the direct result of improved process management techniques and the application of new technology. Still, the business press reports many stories of failed reengineering efforts, insufficient ROI from enterprise software systems, and the rejection of new technology by workers. Why this disparity?

The challenge of implementing process change is as great as the challenge of creating innovative business process solutions. As James Champy and Nitin Nohria wrote in Fast Forward, “Change brings renewal…but change brings destruction, as well. To the extent it generates fear and cynicism, it not only halts progress, it takes us backward.”

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Implementing process change requires a powerful combination of “soft” skills and “hard” skills: Techniques that will win widespread support for process changes and methodologies to implement the solution effectively. These include:

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Mar 26, 2020 to Mar 27, 2020
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