Course Overview

Small-scale and simple technological solutions can make a big impact in developing countries. In this course, we will explore sustainable technology that can provide solutions for lighting, phone charging/communication, cooking, clean water, heating and more.

Key Topics:

  • Small, off-grid battery-based solar-electric systems for lighting and phone charging with a hands-on build of a small demo system
  • Clean, efficient cooking methods with an outside demo using three Ace-1 rocket stoves
  • Water pumping and heating options
  • Waste and sanitation issues and solutions
  • Sustainable technology issues regarding solutions that are successful in developing countries


  • Participate in hands-on work with simple, off-grid solar
  • Experience clean burning, efficient rocket stoves
  • Gain an appreciation for problems and solutions in the developing world
  • Learn how to implement appropriate solutions that work and can be maintained

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