Course Overview

Gone are the days where the CFO simply manages the preparation of financial statements for the organization. Now, more than ever, CFO’s are responsible for other operational parts of the organization, including risk management. This course is a how to guide for CFO’s that are being asked to take on the role of risk manager for their companies. Using discussion and case studies, we will explore how to measure and score risks in an organization. We will also talk about the types of insurance protection that are available for organizations, as well as non-insurance ways to manage risk. Finally, we will touch on perhaps the most important risk an organization faces – succession planning.

Key Topics:

  • Measuring and Managing Risk
  • Risk Control vs. Risk Financing
  • Common Commercial Insurance Types & Insurance Terms
  • Non-Insurance Risk Management Issues
  • Enterprise-Wide Risk Management
  • Succession Planning


  • How to assess and manage risk within your organization
  • Non-insurance methods of mitigating risk within an organization
  • Learn the types of insurance policies that may be applicable to your organization
  • Gain a better understanding of the key terms of your insurance policy
  • How to implement an enterprise-wide risk management approach
  • Gain a greater awareness of succession planning issues in an organization

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May 22, 2020
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