Performance Improvement in Healthcare

Even before COVID-19, healthcare providers were facing unprecedented changes. The pandemic has accelerated that disruption.

In this round-table discussion, Healthcare Executive Tom Campanella and Executive Vice President of Orion Development Group Ralph Smith address key challenges and actions that will separate winners from losers in the evolving world of healthcare.

They provide specific recommendations for healthcare organizations including:

  • Disruption factors/trends leading to winners and losers
  • What should hospitals/healthcare system do to be winners
  • Differentiating from disruptive competitors
  • Tools needed to transition to a new business model
  • How to ensure employee buy-in for critical success

UNC Charlotte and Orion Development Group, in conjunction with colleges and universities around the country, established the Performance Improvement in Healthcare Certificate program to provide critical skills in healthcare for managers and leaders amid continuing uncertainty ahead for the industry. The certificate consists of four courses with a combined 42 hours of education delivered live-online via Zoom.

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