Payment and Financing Options

There are a variety of discounts available for UNC Charlotte Continuing Education Courses and Certificates. To view what discounts are available for a specific program look under 'Potential Price Adjustments' in the section you are interested in attending.

Financial Aid used for academic credit or degree-based programs cannot be applied to our Continuing Education noncredit programs. However, there are a variety of sources you can pursue to obtain other types of assistance. Check with your employer and see if they offer a Continuing Education fund or tuition reimbursement program. Please review our FAQ for information on obtaining an official or unofficial copy of your transcript to submit to your employer for reimbursement if applicable.

Our courses with price points $500 or above offer a deposit option where you can pay an initial deposit and pay the remaining balance two weeks prior to the course start date (please see the individual program pages for details). Many banks will also provide personal loans for Continuing Education courses. The following is a list of some, but not all loan providers as well as additional funding programs for which you may be qualified. Please contact the specific agencies to determine your eligibility or inquire about details.

Non-Loan Programs


There are many banks and other financial institutions that offer Continuing Education loans to individuals.  UNC Charlotte’s Office of Continuing Education is happy to complete the appropriate paperwork that might be involved in a participant’s pursuit of a loan from a lender he or she has identified.  Typically, such paperwork will require UNC Charlotte to provide details about the program and to certify that a particular participant is eligible to enroll.  In order for us to certify your eligibility, you will need to register for the program and submit the required payment with your registration.

UNC Charlotte is prepared to receive disbursement(s) directly from a lender for the full registration fee, if that is the arrangement a lender makes with a participant; when this occurs, UNC Charlotte will refund to the participant any payments the participant made directly to UNC Charlotte.

The following list of lenders is not a comprehensive list, but simply a starting-point resource for you as you explore financial assistance options.  Please note that UNC Charlotte’s Office of Continuing Education does not endorse any of the following providers.  Please contact the specific institutions to determine your eligibility or to request further details.

Under the payment plan, a participant must pay the initial deposit at the time of registration in order to reserve a seat in the course. Payment reminders will be emailed to those using the payment plan before the remaining balance payment is due. The remaining balance is due 14 days prior to the course start date.

If registering online, after you add a payment plan eligible course (course priced $500 or more) to your shopping cart, you will be given the option during checkout to choose to "Pay Full Amount" or to "Pay Deposit". The deposit amount listed during Checkout is based on the following chart:

Deposit Tier Structure

Price of Course Deposit Payment 2
$500 - $999 $200 Remaining Balance
$1000 - $1999 $500 Remaining Balance
$2000 - $2999 $1,000 Remaining Balance
$3000 - $5100 $1,500 Remaining Balance
Deposit payment due immediately upon registration
Remaining balance (Payment 2) due 14 days prior to the section start date.

If you would like to pay via the payment plan but prefer not to register online, please contact our Registration Center at 704-687-8900 and a staff member will work with you to set up your payment plan.

We will cancel the registration of individuals who fail to meet the payment deadlines under the payment plan. Those people will forfeit their seats in the program. UNC Charlotte will refund any money we have received to that point.

How do I pay the remaining balance on my payment plan?

Once you have established an account with us you will have access to your Student Portal. Once logged in, follow these instructions to view and pay your invoices. You may pay your remaining balance via credit card online or if you prefer to pay over the phone, simply call our Registration Center Monday-Friday during business hours at 704-687-8900. One of our Registration Coordinators will be glad to assist you with completing your payment.

To pay by check, you may mail your payment to: UNC Charlotte Extended Academic Programs, Attn: Registration Center, 320 E. 9th Street, 4th floor, Suite 421, Charlotte, NC 28202. If mailing your payment, please plan to mail your payment with ample time in advance of your invoice due date to ensure that we receive your payment on time and continue to reserve your seat in the course. We will cancel the registration of individuals who fail to meet the payment deadlines under the payment plan. UNC Charlotte will refund any money we have received to that point.

An individual may be able to claim a tax deduction or a tax credit for the cost of attending this continuing education program.  However, we do not issue 1098-Ts. Non-academic credit programs such as continuing education courses do not require a 1098-T per IRS guidelines. Please keep a copy of your receipt and consult with your tax advisor about whether your payment meets the regulations that apply to tax deductions and tax credits. The University's Federal Tax ID Number is 56-0791228. 
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